How do I know if I qualify as an Accredited Investor?  Click here for details.

New to investing in startups?  Although investing an early stage companies can be exciting and we feel there is significant potential for innovation in the insurance industry, below are some general risk factors to consider.

  1. It's very risky!  Generally speaking, 7 out of 10 startups never provide a return to investors.  Only invest funds you are comfortable losing.
  2. Considering the risk, many investors limit their overall exposure to 5% or less of their net worth or investable assets.  
  3. We typically invest in seed or early stage companies, which generally possess the highest risk as often times the concept, technology, and business model haven't been fully proven.  
  4. In addition to the insurance industry being highly regulated and complex, existing insurance companies have significant financial assets - making it very challenging for a startup to succeed as they have limited financial resources.  
  5. We can't provide financial advice nor would we.  Please consult your attorney, accountant, and/or financial professional before making any investment.